We are a group of professionals coming from the banking and business world, basing our services on the advice and management of real estate and business activities.
From our point of view, the company is basically a human team in which the professional criterion should rise above other values.
All members integrated in our company, have proven expertise in a wide range of business skills .
By virtue of the separate knowledge of these issues, through professional services carried out previously by the members integrated in the company, we have consolidated ourselves through MarbellaDream and this allows us to act fully integrated in projects we will be in charge of.


Our Mission

At MarbellaDream we are committed to providing the highest level of service to all our clients.
We specialise in providing advice to non – residents and upon receipt of a fully completed application form, we should be able to give an approval within 48 hours. Additional information requirements could delay this process we are reliant on prompt responses from you.
Our mortgage specialists will provide you with straightforward, impartial advice and will explain the methods of mortgage repayment open to you. We can provide a complete breakdown of the costs involved and monthly repayments for the whole term of the mortgage so you fully understand your investment
We at MarbellaDream understand that this may be the largest investment you may ever make and therefore we consider all factors such as redemption penalties, interest only products, arrangement fees, term of the mortgage, monthly repayments and all other needs that may arise.